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A.I Research - General Ideas and Direction
Victor Espinoza
A.I Research - General Ideas and Direction

Its the first words that are usually hard to say during a blog, not that i'm directly being perfect about everything, its just that I put a lot of thought and process into what I do, most of the work you see, is mostly trial and error, and its not that the A.I doing something wrong, its that us as humans, see fault and error in almost everything, you see, The more I experiment with A.I, The more I find that its doing everything right, we as human find images of faces distorted disturbing, because we dont see reality warped like dreams are. 


Everything in the A.I Dreamworld is like a human dream, There is no logic and there is no constant symmetry, What you do see is a constant flow of endless creativity, a pure organic flow of design and innovation.


My mission is to bring to us closer to A.I like never before, its gonna be a very exciting 2017.

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