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Art Nouveau & Cataloging
Victor Espinoza
Art Nouveau & Cataloging


Its that time where, I create so much damn artwork, that it needs to be professional profiled and cataloged, and one would argue why stop being an artist and do this ??? because without me cataloging or blogging in what ever form I can, This artwork wouldn't get seen or viewed. And believe me, I have more reasons to not publish to instead create new amazing artwork, but right now I have to do tedious cataloging.. not precious artwork..


Blast the missing PR team..


Any how, The Art Nouveau is a success, and its something I really do love creating, non-stop for the rest of my life..

Also, I would like to point out that, all artwork will be coming to a slowdown, until I finish cataloging everything. The more I polish my website, the more I grow fond of it.

And thank you everybody, for your support and feedback!

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