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Banned from r/Art & Deleted
Victor Espinoza
Banned from r/Art & Deleted

I got banned from r/Art, after being upset for a couple of hours and cooling down, I decided to rewrite this, I cannot speak the complete truth nor condone witchhunting, I'm currently censored on reddit, due to the scale of effect it can do to the mods or anybody in general.


I would like to also mention, that I was posting solicited comment links daily for the past few months without any issues, not even a single warning of my misconduct, but a fellow redditor asking for my store, I get banned without warning..


Its disappointing that r/Art only cares about its sub-status, and not its content creators, you imagine if pablo picasso couldn't sell his art, just because the r/Art sub mods told him to not advertise his gallery from his hard-earned work, he would lose his chance of it becoming a complete career.


This is a sad day for me on reddit.

UPDATE: 5-11-2017 1:08PM

My post on r/Art was removed, it was reaching #42 on r/all.




Don’t let it get to you man. Really cool looking piece. Do you have a github account or can you go over how you made it? No need to go over the specifics of your algorithm, just curious of a general overview of the tech used. Thanks!

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