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Insane Imgur Feedback Record!
Victor Espinoza
Insane Imgur Feedback Record!

The Feedback from imgur has been fucking amazing, I am just so happy with the response, that I can slow down on the PR a bit, and focus on my art again, its really a two part job.

Now normally I will not display the content source, but this comes from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, its been release for the public.

The hardest part on the conversion was getting the cross hatching pattern out in a BW artwork, usually it would create the art with the cross hatching still there, and it was annoying, not that the art in itself is beautiful, but the fact that the Neural nets where being lazy!

Well they are not lazy anymore, they are busy little bee's, and with the recent development in research, I will be giving them names that everybody will love and remember.

Colorful?, ah yes, a lifeless BW painting with a splat of 2017 color, Refreshing indeed..

Now to work on that little bee idea..

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