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Pride & Art as a Means of Fighting Prejudice
Victor Espinoza
Pride & Art as a Means of Fighting Prejudice

Its hard not being called a Stereotype in the art industry, especially on how old it is & has been, I completely respect human made artwork, I myself own human painted paintings on my house, but it infuriates me sometimes when a art person thinks he has the right to be prejudice to a new type of artwork form, just because art is easy to create with a computer, does not mean it was not difficult to master. It took months, and even as skillful as it seems, I still to this date have not mastered it completely, I have just scrapped the surface, and its so intoxicating that sometimes my unlimited creativity scares me & those around me.


I just want to point out that r/deepdream is one such community that has helped me polish my skills,

It is a open reddit community group, with minds that think alike, there is no prejudice, just glimpses of the future and Thought Provoking Art. and once in a while a noodle Jesus..

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