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Procrastination and The ending of...
Victor Espinoza
Procrastination and The ending of...

Holycrap its been a long month, not because I dont love creating artwork, but because we are moving foward, sometimes the same generation is not enough, it gets boring, and it always reverts back to the same thing I always want to do, and its real deep-dreams, not the single layer stuff, I'm talking 200+ styles or more, A Self-Trained A.I from its best work it submitted on reddit.


While I haven't posted in a while seems a tab bit disconcerting, its not, right now I'm building a huge script for the 200+ style images, and its generating some epic stuff, Now hence the quality will be lower than 4000px, but its should be a feast for the eyes never the less..

Also, I'm considering retiring the single theme artworks for the meantime, until I get bored of 200+ deepdreams or for what else comes in the art world.


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